Our Mission

At Mari Manufacturing our Mission Statement is more our MOTTO, one that we all can relate to… We are “that” partner that looks out for you and can always be depended on to come through with what you need, when you need it and precisely how you want it! We won’t let you down because you make us who we must be, dedicated to you, Mari Manufacturing!


Our unsurpassed 24/7 response and access, employee 3 shift dedication, priority treatment on all orders GUARANTEES Just In Time DELIVERY!


The most advanced equipment capable of producing outstanding products, along with driven, expert technicians who care, thus, we give YOU the best products in the industry!


We’re a partner that gives you precisely what you need, to the best of our cost effective abilities. We’re not in it to make a sale, we want to keep our partners in business!


From our award winning personal history of excellence in education due to our skills and love for this fine world of design and manufacturing to our over 30 years of fine tuning and continued passion for creation and production.

Supply Chain-Management

No matter the size of your order and your needs to dispense them, we have the in-house expansive capability to hold them and release the specified amounts when YOU need them.

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