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About Mari Manufacturing

Our Mission at Mari Manufacturing is to deliver the maximum quality for a fair price with an impressive turn-around time!


Our unsurpassed 24/7 response and access, employee 3 shift dedication, priority treatment on all orders GUARANTEES Just In Time DELIVERY!


The most advanced equipment capable of producing outstanding products, along with driven, expert technicians who care, thus, we give YOU the best products in the industry!


We’re a partner that gives you precisely what you need, to the best of our cost effective abilities. We’re not in it to make a sale, we want to keep our partners in business!


From our award winning personal history of excellence in education due to our skills and love for this fine world of design and manufacturing to our over 30 years of fine tuning and continued passion for creation and production.

Supply Chain-Management

No matter the size of your order and your needs to dispense them, we have the in-house expansive capability to hold them and release the specified amounts when YOU need them.

Our Leadership

Mari Manufacturing’s founder Joe Mari has been in the machining business for over 20 years. In his collegiate days he received First Place, Gold Metal from the National Institute for Metal Skills and First Place from the Skills Precision Machine Technology Association. Joe Mari then spent his next 10 years in reverse engineering and design at a major manufacturing company, where he added immensely to their profitability by taking them from solely being a broker/out sourced distributor of products and services to being a creator and provider.

Dependable Machining Manufacturing Facility

We’re Stable. We’ve been located in the same spot in West Chicago, IL. for over 10 years, our offices and plant are recognized as the place that specializes in servicing the plastic industry and easily deliver on any metal materials as well.

Challenge and creativity go hand in hand at Mari Manufacturing. When you’ve got somebody that thrives on “creating something from nothing” with innovation and cost effectiveness, then Mari Manufacturing is what you’ll need to advance your products or literally to make that “square bolt fit into a round hole!”

Hands on Leadership. Our Founder, Joe Mari literally has his hand in the pot on a daily basis along with his team to deliver you 30 years of combined and specified experience in not only processing but development of the materials that serve you through our manufacturing. We have a solid team, most of whom have been on board since our inception 10 years ago, so we have a cohesive operating show, with complimentary energies, experience and successes, all to benefit our friends in business. We’re built to lead in our industry!